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Kero Kero Groove - Dumpster Shredders

Welcome to the site! I hope you like the new changes I made, I spent a lot of time rennovating not only how this place looks, but functions too- feel free to take your time and explore what I've done ,':J

Most music is now managed through the webamp plugin. The songs might need to take a minute to load- so if they don't have a duration listed, wait a few minutes and refresh the page.

These two are all about having a fun time, by whatever means necesarry.

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Electric Guitars & Kicking Cars


Uploaded 3/1/2023

Phew, so it's been a while since I've last posted here huh! I think I might've taken on too many commissions than I could chew, so I ended up having a small little hiatus there for a few months- no worries though, I'm back now and plan to put all my focus into animating again!..

Updated March 1st, 2023

  • Added the gallery page
    ↳ Added movies
    ↳ Added artwork
  • Added webamp music player, works on both desktop and mobile.
    ↳ Right now there's a good few skins and songs, but I plan to include more down the line.
  • Updated to Astro framework (thanks to noo.dll for the help =)
  • Updated navigation buttons