✦ Welcome to [www.tofokyo.com] ✦ New episode of Kero Kero Groove now available! Head over to the movies page to check it out ✦ I pray to god you guys have working Air Conditioning ✦ Don't mind the sparkles, it might make stuff harder to click but in return you get a cool effect :J ✦ Oh yeah if it wasn't apparent already, this website was made for 1080p screens (how ironic) ✦ Don't tell me what to do! ✦

I'll occasionally upload project files and the like here.

Kero Kero Groove .blend files

Kero Kero Groove - License to DIE!

Kero Kero Groove - Tech Debt

FLCL Reanimated .blend files

FLCL Reanimated - Brittle Bullet

FLCL Reanimated - Mamimi Bump

Newgrounds Evangelion Collab .blend files

Newgrounds Evangelion Collab - Monkey Attack!

Newgrounds Evangelion Collab - Cheerleader Bump

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