✦ Welcome to [www.tofokyo.com] ✦ I swear the Jet Set animation is on the way guys, life has just been astoundingly shit for me lately so it's been quite difficult to focus, but dammit I'm gonna get this animation done even if it kills me!!! ✦ Also I can't 100% garuntee this, but I've been working my ass off on trying to get a 24/7 livestream going that would essentially play out like cable TV, just with my animations, music videos I like, and stuff like that. I would also REALLY like to do premieres with it too, in fact I want to premiere the Jet Set Radio animation on the site that way when it's done, that way everyone can watch it together at the same time with the chatbox in the corner and everything :D Lastly, I'd also like to feature other animator's cartoons this way as well! So if you've got a cartoon you've made that you think would fit the site, please go ahead and email me at tofokyo@tofokyo.com, I'd love to talk abt that :J ✦ Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ban-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bang my- Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ban-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba- I want you to bang my shit- ✦
Challenge Everything

I'll occasionally upload project files and the like here.

Game Mods

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Mods

Holly Character Mod (beta)

Vio Character Mod v1.5

Chain Character Mod (v2.0 coming soon!)

  • Holly Character Mod (beta)

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  • Vio Character Mod v1.5

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  • Chain Character Mod

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  • Blender Files

    Kero Kero Groove .blend files

    Fighting Snipers

    License to DIE!

    Tech Debt

  • Fighting Snipers

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  • License to DIE!

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  • Tech Debt

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  • FLCL Reanimated .blend files

    FLCL Reanimated - Brittle Bullet

    FLCL Reanimated - Mamimi Bump

    Newgrounds Evangelion Collab .blend files

    Newgrounds Evangelion Collab - Monkey Attack!

    Newgrounds Evangelion Collab - Cheerleader Bump

  • Short

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  • Bumper

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    KKG Ep. 3 .blend files available for download!

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